Why I Want A Nikon d400

nikon d400I would really like to upgrade to a Nikon d400. I have heard some good things about this camera. I think it is time to go for it and invest in something a little nicer than I already have.

Right now I just have a small point and shoot camera. I have enjoyed using it the last couple of years. I can take it anywhere and the pictures usually turn out alright.

The reason I would like to upgrade is that I would like to do more with photography. Eventually I would like to turn it into a business but I am a long way from that right now. I know if I did have a nikon d400, I would be on my way to making that happen.

I have always been a fan of taking photos. I got my very first camera when I was 10. It was my dad’s old Nikon that he got when he was a teenager. I had a lot of fun with that camera.

I enjoy taking photos of my friends and family the most. I love to capture what they are doing and have a memory of special days and events. I think sometimes I annoy people with how many photos I like to take.

I now have three children and would really like to take better photos of them. I can get some cute shots with my current camera but I really need something more. Kids move so fast that it would be nice to have the nikon d400 so that I could really capture them.

I have been saving my money for a while now so I think I will have enough to upgrade soon. I earn money from babysitting other kids and my husband told me I could use that money for whatever I wanted to get. I have already told him I am planning on a new camera.

I also plan to take some photography classes once I get my new camera. I think it will be important to learn how to really use it. I know the best photographers do not just put their cameras on auto mode.

I feel like I have a lot to learn about cameras and how they work. I want to know how to change the settings based on the lighting. My dad taught me a few things but it has been years since I put them into practice.

Once I get my new camera I plan to start taking my kids out to the park on a weekly basis. I want to capture them playing but I also want to try some more professional shots with them. If I can get good enough we won’t have to pay another photographer for photos anymore.

I have found an online class that I want to take that isn’t too expensive. I just need to wait to get my camara before I can start. I am anxious to get going on this project.

I don’t want to jump into a business before I am ready. I am planning on that part taking many years. I want to practice as much as I can and I know classes will help as well.

I did see that the local community center has a photography club I am thinking about joining. I think that would be another way I could improve my skills. I would also be able to meet other photographers.

In addition to taking photos of my friends and family I love to take nature shots. I enjoy walking around with a camera in my hand looking for interesting things to take photos of. I know once I get a better camera I will do that even more.

There is just something nice about taking nature shots. You can be all by yourself to take them. You don’t have to worry about finding anyone to take a photo of.

Event photography also sounds exciting to me. I already love taking photos during birthday parties and events like that. I could see myself offering that when I start a business. I think it would be a lot of fun to be the photographer for a party.

We hired one when my son turned one and it was the best decision. We didn’t have to worry about getting the photos that we wanted. We could just focus on our son and his party.

I will need to look into what other photographers charge around here. I want to make sure that I will be charging the right amount when it comes time to have my own business. I don’t want to charge too little but I also don’t want to rip anyone off.

In addition to buying a new camera I would like to buy a couple of lenses. I will need a zoom lens as well as a prime. I think having both will allow me to get different types of shots.

Sometimes when I am taking photos of the kids I think it would be easier if I could just zoom in. I will be able to do that once I buy some new lenses for the camera. I am already thinking about all the different photos I can take.

Having a new camera will be a good feeling and I am excited that it is almost time to get one. I am sure I will still use my little camera sometimes but for the most part I plan to take my Nikon everywhere with me.

I plan to buy a nice camera bag to make it easier on myself. I want it to have plenty of padding and space for my wallet and other small items. That way I can take it around with me wherever I decide to go.

I think the best way to learn photography is by taking a lot of photos and that is what I plan to do. I will have my camera anywhere I go, from the store to the park to the doctor’s office. I know people might look at me strangely in certain places but it will be worth it.

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